Root Canals

Root Canal Treatment is utilised to treat a tooth that has become painful and infected. The inside of a tooth has a pulp chamber with a system of fine root canals. This pulp consists of blood vessels, tissue fibres and nerves and can become infected by bacteria if there is deep decay or if the tooth has cracked. This will usually result in toothache.

How Does A Root Canal Work?

Root Canal Treatment works by removing the infected pulp tissue, disinfecting, shaping, and then sealing the root canal system. Despite what someone might tell you, Root Canal Treatment is usually a pain free treatment that takes two appointments between 60-90 minutes. Without treatment the infection can lead to abscess formation, increasing pain and possible extraction. As a consequence, to restore chewing function the extracted tooth would need to be replaced with a bridge, implant crown or partial denture.

What Are The Benefits Of A Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal is the last stop before tooth extraction which is something we try to avoid. Keeping your own teeth improves overall oral health and helps maintain the structure of your other teeth. Here are some of the other benefits of a root canal:

  • Retain tooth
  • Maintain normal function and comfort
  • More affordable in the long run compared to other treatment options
  • Preserve the bone and gum.

What Is The Pulp Of A Tooth?

On the visible surface level of the tooth, we have our enamel that protects it. Below the gumline is the root which keeps the tooth attached to the jaw. In the root there are hollow areas called the canal spaces which is where the pulp exists. In this space there is pulp that contains the blood vessels, tissue fibres and nerves. If this area becomes infected, root canal therapy will be required.

What Can I Expect At My Appointment?

Our dental care team here at Albion Dental Care will first examine your teeth before having a discussion with you about your needs. We pride ourselves on providing honest advice about the best options for you to achieve optimal dental health. If we believe that root canal treatment is required, we will provide you with an estimate of the cost before treatment begins. If you are happy to proceed with the proposed treatment plan, we will employ innovative, pain-free techniques to perform the root canal treatment. Our dental care team will work to remove the nerve inside the root of the tooth, leaving the root and tooth intact. During treatment you will have a local anaesthetic to ensure that you experience little to no discomfort whilst the procedure is being performed. Please be advised that you may experience some minor discomfort for a few days after the procedure. We perform 95% of root canal procedures in our clinic. However, in some circumstances the tooth problem may be more complex in which case you would be referred to a specialist Endodontist in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

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At Albion Dental Care we can diagnose & treat most patients who require Root Canal Treatment. If our diagnosis reveals a more complex case, we will refer you to a specialist Endodontist for treatment.

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At Albion Dental Care, we are passionate about providing the best care to all our patients. Utilising the most up to date techniques and equipment we will help you attain ultimate dental health. Your comfort is the most important thing to us which is why we take the time to help you understand the treatments you need, the options you have related to these treatments and develop a plan to get you on the way to oral health. Contact our team today to discuss your needs or book an appointment.

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